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03 April 2012 @ 10:24 am
Fic: Seasons May Change (Come What May) - Chpt Eleven  
Title: Seasons May Change (Come What May) - Chapter Eleven
Word Count: 4,403
Warnings: This is a Blaine-centric fic. Just in case you have issues with that.
Rating: PG-13 - NC-17
Summary: It’s Blaine’s senior year at McKinley--sans Kurt. He’s got a lot of shoes to fill, with half of New Directions graduated, and his own penchant for trying to please everybody at once, trying to make it through his senior year without having his best friend and love of his life at his side may prove more difficult than Blaine ever expected.
Author Notes: After some consultation, I have decided to break up my usual chapters (I was originally writing a month at a time) and am now posting every 2-3 scenes. It’s easier to get quicker updates, and less time-consumed when reading. I went back and split up the previous two chapters into how I would prefer, leaving this next as chapter eleven. Twelve will be coming later this week. Enjoy!

Fic Master Post

Chapter Ten

Chandler can sing, of that Blaine has absolutely no qualms. He’s not a very strong singer just yet, but he has a very nice voice and a good range. If he sticks with glee club, in another year or so, Blaine’s fairly certain he’ll be racking up the solos. So the problem is definitely not with Chandler’s voice.

The problem is his feet. Or rather, his lack of coordination with them. He’s actually worse than Finn ever thought of being, and that’s saying quite a bit. He’s so bad, in fact, that just the other day during practice for Sectionals, Brittany had burst into tears and ran from the choir room, proclaiming that she didn’t think she could live in a world where someone couldn’t move their feet from side to side. Luckily, Artie had been able to talk Brittany down from her spiral of despair and coaxed her back into the choir room to continue with her choreography.

Chandler, on the other hand... Well, Blaine decided the best place for him was the very back row, with Jon and Matt, the two band members who had joined them, right in front of him, and everyone else taking up the majority of the center stage. The one blessing out of their new members is the fact that not only does Harmony have a mind-blowing voice, she’s also had years of dance instruction. She’s not a natural like Brittany, and doesn’t seem quite as comfortable with it as Blaine, but she catches on to new steps quickly and has a fantastic memory. Blaine’s a little jealous, to be honest. He has no doubt she’ll rule the rather meager arts program at McKinley by next year, and will likely have the admissions office at NYADA begging her to accept their offer. More than once, he’s found himself wondering what it would have been like to have been in glee with both Harmony and Rachel in the group.

Blaine is excited for their line-up at Sectionals. He has to hand it to Harmony--her suggestion of show tunes has really panned out perfectly, and he thinks they have a nice mixture of voices on vocals. Tina and Harmony are both wonderful, and positively hilarious on “What is This Feeling?”, a fact that appears to have smoothed over their relationship somewhat. Now they appear to have fun while singing it, as opposed to putting a little too much real emotion behind the lyrics.

The arrangement Blaine finds himself most proud of is “Seasons of Love”. They split some of the verses up a bit more, with Harmony and Aaron on the main leads, followed by Artie and Brittany, and the rest backing them up. Blaine thinks it sounds kind of amazing, and he’s pretty certain Mr. Schuester feels the same, if the smile on his face when they run through it is any indication.

Their middle number Blaine came out of nowhere, and like “Seasons of Love”, credit goes to Artie. Blaine hadn’t intended on having a solo but when they began discussing show tunes that weren’t overdone by choirs, Artie suggested “One Night in Bangkok”, and Blaine had tried valiantly not to weep with excitement in the middle of glee. Mr. Schuester must have noticed his attempt not to explode then and there when he had turned and asked Blaine if he wanted to take the lead on it. Like Blaine was going to turn that down.

All in all, Blaine feels pretty confident about their Sectionals line up, and now that Chandler is hidden in the back of the group and no longer falling into everyone else, the choreography is coming together as well. By the end of this coming Saturday, Blaine is certain, New Directions will be on their way to Regionals.

Once practice is over, Blaine stops by his locker to grab the books he needs for homework that night, pausing in filling his messenger bag to receive a text from Kurt telling him not to forget to pack lots of scarves. Blaine smiles at the text. Every day over the last week, the number of texts he has received from Kurt with regard to packing for his Thanksgiving trip to New York have steadily increased. With six days left, Blaine imagines he’ll be receiving more than a hundred a day informing him on how to properly arrange his luggage.

Instead of telling Kurt that he already has a daily collection of scarves with matching gloves and a few beanies picked out, Blaine simply responds:

To: Kurt <333
Can’t wait to see you too, bb.

Slipping his phone into his pocket, Blaine stares up at the photos on the door of his locker for a moment, a smile appearing as he realizes he can look at them now without being sad. He knows Kurt loves him, and he’ll be seeing him again soon, and honestly, this separation is not turning out to be so bad after all.

“Hey, Fozzy.”

Blaine shuts his locker, turning with eyebrows raised curiously as Sue Sylvester approaches him. “Coach Sylvester,” he greets with a cautious smile. “While about seventy percent of your nicknames verge on the highly insulting, the other thirty percent or so just leave me confused.”

Sue waves a hand toward his face. “The eyebrows, the bow ties, that ridiculous hat you’re currently wearing,” she says, flicking the brim of his fedora, “what about you doesn’t scream Muppet? I’ve even heard a rumor that under that silo of gel you wear daily, there’s an enormous amount of stupid girly curls.”

Blaine wishes he could refute her points, but honestly, he’s realized her nicknames for him aren’t so much based on meanness as astute observation. “Umm, is there something you needed, Coach?”

“In my office.” She points a finger down the hall, and Blaine reluctantly turns to go as directed. He thinks he could come up with some excuse like he promised his parents he would head home immediately after glee, but realizes that the Cheerios coach is more than likely calling in on the favor he promised with her agreement to assist with recruitment for the musical.

“Sit down, Hot Guy’s Younger Brother,” Sue says, waving toward the chairs in front of her desk as she unscrews the cap from her thermos and pours something blood red and slightly rancid in appearance into a tall glass.

“My name is Blaine,” he says, frowning slightly as he takes a seat, setting his messenger bag on the ground. Coach Sylvester’s obvious obsession with Cooper leaves him feeling both uncomfortable and slightly squicked. That’s more than likely the reason he’s protesting.

“Aside from the fact it sounds like the name of a major appliance,” Blaine rolls his eyes at the over-used joke, “it’s a stupid name. Do you really want to spend the rest of your life stuck with a stupid name? Or I could just refer to you as Porcelain’s Blow Up Doll.”

Blaine likes his name. He thinks it’s unique. And he tries valiantly to not go red at the last part; unfortunately he fails and feels his cheeks warm. “Is there something you wanted, Coach?”

“What I want is to return to the former glory of my heydays around this pathetic excuse for an educational institution,” Sue replies, waving the glass filled with the blood-like beverage around in the air. “What I need is another National’s win. What I have is a restricted schedule not allowing me the time necessary to whip those Weeble Wobbles pretending to be cheerleaders I coach into a National’s worthy team of performers. What I am proposing to you is the chance to repay me for filling that silly little musical of yours with bodies.”

Blaine blinks. “You, uh, want me to help train the cheerleaders?”

Sue laughs. Blaine’s not certain he’s ever actually seen her really laugh. “Don’t be ridiculous, Fraggle Rock. Cheerleaders running around dressed like Orville Redenbacher and singing the latest female pop sensation aren’t going to win me Nationals. What I need is someone to take over the more mundane tasks of being the most in-demand woman on earth.” A finger pulls away from the glass to point at him. “That’s where you come in, Bow Ties.”

Okay, so Blaine kind of likes that nickname. “What... exactly do you want, coach?”

“I'm about to offer to you the opportunity of a lifetime, my well-meaning, over-gelled, short-but-kind-of-endearing slave-for-life.”

Sue smiles as Blaine’s eyes widen.


“Like the hat, B.”

Blaine grins as he takes his medium drip from Quinn. “Thanks. Coach Sylvester used it as part of her reasoning for calling me Fozzy earlier. Her nicknames have a tendency to make me feel terribly subconscious about how I look. Which is to say, they can either build me up, or knock me flat on my face. She called me George Clooney’s Mini Me last week.” Blaine removes the id on his coffee and blows over the steam as he frowns. “I’m not certain which of us should be more insulted on that one.”

“I think it’s pretty obvious she likes you,” Quinn says as she turns to begin making another coffee order.

“Let’s hope. She just cornered me into being her--oh, how did she put it again? Well-meaning, over-gelled, short-but-kind-of-endearing slave-for-life.”

Quinn is staring at him with an expression akin to horror.

Blaine shrugs. “I owe her for helping us gather bodies for Guys and Dolls.”

“You never should have agreed to such a thing,” Quinn says, shaking her head as she pours some soy milk into the mixer. “She’s going to make your life Hell, you know. She excels at it, whether she likes you or not.”

“I think as long as she continues to refer to me more as Kurt’s blow up doll and less as an entity in and of myself, I should be fine.” Blaine looks up to find Quinn staring at him again, eyes wide. He flushes and ducks his head as he grabs the cinnamon, sprinkling it over his coffee. “She seems to enjoy seeing how far she can push someone.”

Quinn laughs. “That’s for certain.” She grows silent for a moment, working on the order and pouring it into the cup before asking, “Does Kurt know you’re his blow up doll?”

“I’m not dignifying that with an answer.” Blaine shakes his head as Quinn calls out to the guy standing behind Blaine, handing his iced coffee to him. Blaine asks, “How’re your classes?”

“Not bad.” Quinn leans into the counter, crossing her arms over her chest as she smiles over at him. “I still feel as if I’m adrift in an ocean of indecision as to what I want to be when I grow up. My advisor has been really helpful, though, so that’s something.”

“You should really get out of Lima, Quinn,” Blaine says quietly as he takes a sip of his coffee.

“It used to be my only dream,” Quinn agrees, nodding. “Now... well, sometimes the future we imagine isn’t always the one that’s ultimately the best for us.”

“Careful. You’re starting to sound like my dad,” Blaine teases before reaching down to pick up his bag at his feet. “I think I’m going to go grab a seat and get some homework done, and let you get back to work.”

“Oh, thanks.” Quinn rolls her eyes. “See you tomorrow, B.”

Finding a quiet spot on one of the couches, Blaine pulls out his early European history book, settling it on his lap before pulling out his phone. There’s a text from Tina telling him she won’t be making it for coffee in the morning because of a dentist appointment, and a picture text from Kurt showing the ensemble of one of his classmates who has clearly been stealing from Rachel Berry’s wardrobe. Laughing, Blaine takes a picture of his coffee, sending it with a note:

To: Kurt <333
What’re you trying to do? Ruin my afternoon coffee break? :D

Blaine lays his phone on the cushion beside him and flips his book open to the first chapter on the Middle Ages, sipping at his coffee while he glances through the sections. He tries to focus on the words in front of him, as opposed to the myriad of thoughts lingering in the back of his mind: the upcoming trip to New York next week, college applications, his deal with the Devil Sue, Sectionals. Mostly, he finds himself coming back to Quinn’s comment about some dreams ultimately not being what’s best for you. Blaine frowns to himself--she’s wrong about that.

“Been a long time, stranger.”

Blaine would love to be able to say he doesn’t jump at the sound of Sebastian’s voice, but honestly, that is his reaction. Jumping, just a little, enough to spill some of his coffee over his hand, and almost onto his favorite burgundy slacks. He glances up with a slight frown as the Warbler drops into the seat across from him, smiling broadly.

“Sorry. Didn’t mean to surprise you like that.”

“It’s--” Blaine doesn’t want to be rude. “European history,” he lies. “It’s one of my favorite subjects.” Don’t over do it, Blaine. He searches around for a napkin, stilling abruptly when Sebastian is suddenly holding one out to him. Left with little choice, Blaine takes it with a quiet ‘thank you’ and wipes the coffee from his hand. “Haven’t seen you in a while.”

It’s true. Once the Regionals competition was over last spring, Blaine and Kurt saw very little of Sebastian at the Lima Bean, leaving them to wonder if maybe he actually had a conscience and just a shred enough of decency to feel awkward over the things he’d said and done. He’d completely disappeared over the summer, enough so that Blaine had mostly forgotten about him, far too wrapped up in Kurt’s impending departure and his own upcoming senior year. Blaine’s time at the Lima Bean now is usually spent in the mornings, grabbing a coffee with Tina on the way to school. It’s an afternoon hangout for Dalton students, as it’s a bit of a drive to make it there and back each morning before school.

“Spent the summer in Europe,” Sebastian tells him as he crosses his legs, settling back into the tacky but comfortable easy chair.

“Paris?” Blaine finds himself asking, even though he really doesn’t care all that much. He looks down to find a drop of coffee on the first page of the Middle Ages and scrubs at it with his fingers.

“Vienna, actually. Ever been?”

Blaine just looks at him, annoyed, because Sebastian knows damn well he’s never been to Europe.

“Pity. I think you’d like it. We should plan on going,” Sebastian suggests suddenly. “A beautifully cliched backpacking trip across Europe the summer before college.”

“Somehow, I’m entirely certain my boyfriend wouldn’t appreciate the beauty of it,” Blaine says dryly, dropping his gaze back to his history book, pretending to study.

Sebastian seems to consider this point for a moment before finally offering, “So, bring him along.”

Blaine suppresses his urge to laugh out-right. While he and Sebastian may have worked things out to at least be on speaking terms, Kurt continues to want little to nothing to do with the Warbler. It’s understandable; there’s a lot more bad blood between Sebastian and Kurt beyond the whole MJ fiasco. Blaine had been more than willing to write Sebastian off as well, but Kurt had told him it wasn’t in his nature, and as sweet as it was to ignore the existence of someone for Kurt’s sake, he never wanted Blaine to change for him. Sometimes, Blaine still thinks it would be easiest to tell Sebastian never to come near him again.

Well, not easy, exactly. Sebastian has a tendency to do what he wants.

Too, their friendship has settled into something a bit more comfortable and casual for Blaine. Now that Sebastian doesn’t appear to be making sexual advances at him with every glance, Blaine feels as if they might actually have a chance at one day being friends. Maybe. Sebastian still has a tendency to be one of the most arrogant and insensitive individuals Blaine has ever met. A part of him just hopes that maybe people really can change.

“I guarantee Kurt would have no interest in backpacking across Europe,” Blaine finally responds with a slight shake of his head. He smiles as he adds, “Fancy hotels and five star restaurants? Well, that would be another story entirely.”

“There’s no reason we couldn’t go that route.” Sebastian shrugs and takes a sip of his coffee. “My parents can foot the bill.”

“And leave Kurt and I forever in your debt?” Blaine looks over at him, brow rising. “Thanks but no thanks.”

“You still don’t trust me, do you?”

“At least your powers of perception are growing.”

Sebastian’s frowning at Blaine now, looking incredibly perturbed, and for some reason, this pleases Blaine immensely. It’s not that he’s by nature a vindictive person; it’s just that seeing Sebastian feel the same annoyance he’s caused in Blaine for the last year makes everything feel a little more equal between them.

“You know what, Blaine? I’m in a good mood,” Sebastian says with an airy wave of his hand. “So I’m going to let the insults go and cleverly change the topic of conversation. Is that band of misfits you call a glee club ready for Sectionals? I mean, now that you’ve lost most of your talent,” Sebastian pauses just long enough to let his insult sink in before adding, “--ed performers. Rachel, Finn, Kurt--”

“I’m surprised you added Kurt into the list,” Blaine responds, pulling out his phone and checking it like he has somewhere to be.

“Well, his high-pitched mewling does come in handy for catching the judges notice. Everyone enjoys the sound of a cat dying from time to time.”

Blaine shakes his head and begins gathering his things, shoving them into his bag. “It’s funny, Sebastian. But there was a part of me that was almost ready to give you a second chance.”

“You started it.”

Sebastian’s tone has a slightly more petulant tone to it than Blaine is used to hearing from him. The Warbler usually tries to keep a cooler head, appears more apathetic to barbs traded with him than he’s currently betraying. Blaine wonders at it for a moment. They’ve both changed over the last year; it’s the only thing Blaine feels certain about.

“It’s been a real pleasure catching up, Sebastian--”


Blaine allows a smile as he gets to his feet, shouldering his bag. “I get the feeling I’ll be seeing more of you soon.”

“You haven’t chased me away yet, Blaine Anderson.”

As Blaine turns to leave, he finds himself wondering why he hasn’t tried a little harder.


And if you get a chance, check my dad’s luggage. Make certain he hasn’t packed any baseball caps, and if he has, throw them in the trash.

“Yes, Kurt. That’s exactly what I’m going to do. Dig through my boyfriend’s dad’s luggage, steal his baseball caps and throw them out. That’ll definitely get me invited over for Christmas. Or, you know, tossed out of the airplane at thirty-five thousand feet.”

Kurt snorts rather uncharacteristically into the phone. “My dad isn’t going to throw you out of the airplane. Besides, you can just tell him I told you to do it. Either way, do not let him bring baseball caps to New York.

Silent for a moment, Blaine leans into the mirror in front of him to check his bow tie, straightening it slightly before he pulls a sympathetic face he knows his boyfriend can’t see. “Your poor dad’s head could get very cold, Kurt.”

He can wear a winter cap, like normal people.

Laughing, Blaine steps back from the bathroom counter, critically eying his outfit for the day as he reaches up to smooth a curl back into place beneath the pomade. “So, no caps for your dad, no acid wash for Carole. Any other directives, sweetheart?”

Hmmm. None for the moment. I’ll let you know if that changes, though.

Blaine reaches for the phone from the countertop, switching if off of the speaker as he holds it up to his ear and exits the bathroom, the sound of cabinet doors banging shut coming through from the other end. He steps into his bedroom to grab his messenger bag, black peacoat and Kurt’s oatmeal-colored scarf he stole from him last winter.

So, ready for Sectionals?

“Yes, and no.” Blaine makes his way down the stairs, setting his things down in the hall before wandering into the kitchen where his mother is sipping from her cup of coffee while glancing browsing through something on her iPhone. She looks up and gives him a smile as he opens a cabinet and digs through it for the box of brown sugar cinnamon Poptarts. “Rose convinced one of the other cheerleaders to join us for this one time, and we’ve got that guitarist from the band helping out again but, I don’t know. New Directions isn’t exactly what I’d call a cohesive machine this year.”

New Directions has never been a cohesive machine,” Kurt points out. “It’s been our one advantage over everyone else. Stop worrying so much. I’m sure you’re going to be amazing. Rachel and I have even asked Mr. Schue to stream the performance for us.

“Great. As if I wasn’t nervous enough.” Blaine drops the Poptarts into the toaster and hops up onto the counter to wait for them. He hears Kurt make a noise of disbelief into the phone. “Okay, so I’d be nervous either way. Still, I don’t know if I have the... chutzpah to pull off ‘One Night in Bangkok’.”

Did... did you just say chutzpah?”

“Yes. Hush. What other word is the certain... je ne sais quois needed for that song?”

Kurt laughs, bright with amusement over the line. “Well, whatever the word is for it, I guarantee if anyone has it, it would be a certain bright-eyed and bushy-tailed charmer with a penchant for bow ties, who I just happen to be in love with.”

“Hmmm. Maybe you should introduce me to this guy,” Blaine says with a smile as he leans over to peer into the toaster. “He could give me some pointers.”

I’m not certain the world would survive the two of you being in the same space,” Kurt quips. His comment is followed by a heavy sigh. “I need to run by the theater before I head to class this morning, so I guess I should go. But, less than six full days and you will be here with me, honey! I can’t wait!

“Same,” Blaine half-whines, adding his own sigh into the phone. “Have a good day. Text if you’re bored.”

You know I will. Love you!

“Love you, too, Kurt.”

They don’t say goodbye. It was something they’d agreed on a while ago. Goodbye was too final, too certain, too everything. It seems silly to say goodbye when they know they’ll text again within a couple of hours, talk before the day is out, see one another on Skype. The word goodbye holds with it the implication that they made not speak to one another again, at least for some time, and that is simply an unacceptable belief for both of them. So it’s never goodbye; sometimes it’s I love you, and sometimes it’s Talk to you later. Even goodnight. But never goodbye.

“All set for your trip next week?” His mom asks as Blaine slips his phone into his pocket and hops off the counter right as the toaster pops.

“Yeah. I think so. I have my list of what to pack, but am trying to hold off on actually doing so until Tuesday night.” Blaine promptly drops the second Poptart onto the counter when it burns his fingertips. Hissing, he shakes his hand, frowning down at the offending pastry.

“I expect you to behave for the Hummel’s,” Chesa says as she appears beside him and leans up to kiss his cheek. “No running off on your own. Manhattan isn’t Lima, Blaine.”

Blaine thinks about how little meaning a comment like that holds for him. He refrains from mentioning the parking lot outside his old school and instead says, “I know, Mom. I promise.”

Nodding, she turns to rinse out her coffee cup and set it in the nearby rack to dry before reaching out for her purse and digging for her keys. “Oh, by the way. I’m going to be working from the local office tonight so your father and I thought it might be a good time to try to have a family dinner. Make sure you’re home by six,” she tells him before heading out through the door to the garage.

Their last rehearsal is after school, but Blaine’s certain if they can’t be satisfied with their performance by six, they might as well not even show up tomorrow. “I will!” Blaine calls out after her.

Family dinners are a bit of a rarity for the Andersons. His mother is usually too busy to prepare a full meal on the nights that she’s home, and honestly, neither Blaine or his father can make a pot of Kraft Mac ‘n’ Cheese without ruining it. (No, really, the last time his father had tried, he’d forgotten to mix the cheese packet with milk. It had been... interesting.) Blaine thinks he might use the opportunity tonight to try to convince them to come to the Sectionals competition tomorrow. He knows it’s a long shot--his parents usually have other things they need to do--but it doesn’t mean he won’t at least try. It’s been awhile since they’ve attended any of his competitions, to be perfectly honest. Usually, Blaine tries not to let that bother him, but last week Aaron had accused him of being emancipated, refusing to believe he actually has parents.

For some reason Blaine can’t quite fathom, he’s eager to prove him wrong.

~Chapter Twelve

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Beth RakelAdamPascalFan on April 3rd, 2012 - 06:14 pm
I would pay good money to see Burt and Carole catching Blaine trying to carry out Kurt's instructions. It would be better than them catching Finn doing the same thing.

Sebs....I still don't trust you. Not a lick buddy...I gots my eyes on you.

FOZZIE!!! Ok your Sue nicknames own my soul!
Aelora: Blaine - adorable smile gifaelora on April 5th, 2012 - 01:10 pm
I fear Finn would not understand the purpose of getting rid of baseball caps! :D Heh. He'd probably be the one to rat out Blaine!

Sebastian could still surprise us! You never know. ;)

And thank you! I was terrified of writing Sue but then the nicknames started coming, and oy, she wouldn't stop. ♥ ♥ ♥ Thanks so much for reading!!
glitzy09: kurt blaine stage kissglitzy09 on April 3rd, 2012 - 08:51 pm
Lol, you totally confused me with changing the chapter numbering. When I first saw part 11 listed I was like "whoa, what happened, how did I miss 8 chapters??!!". I like this new format though - last time you posted it took me about an hour to read it! Awesome as always, looking forward to part 12 :)
Aelora: Glee - Blaine beautiful smileaelora on April 5th, 2012 - 01:13 pm
Sorry about that!! I realized the extremely long chapters were getting me down. When I would get scenes done and realize how much longer I had to go before I could update, I'd just stop writing. It was a weird reaction. Cranking out 2-3 scenes in day or two is nothing for me as long as I know it's getting me somewhere. <---- world's worst procrastinator

But thank you for continuing to read!! ♥
what a crazy random happenstancealianne on April 3rd, 2012 - 09:50 pm
I love this story so so much. And while I liked the longer chapters I honestly would still read this if you gave us, like, one paragraph a day, because this is GOOD. Don't know if I've said it before, but I love your Sue. And everyone else too. This is amazing. :)
Aelora: Klaine - transfer hug gifaelora on April 5th, 2012 - 01:16 pm
Awww thank you, honey! All of that makes me very happy to see you say!! I have a huge love/hate relationship with this fic. I can't get it out of my head--every night I go to bed working out scenes for all of the upcoming stuff. The entire thing is played out in my mind. It won't leave me alone. And at the same time, I'm pretty certain it's one of the worst things I've ever written, and I have anons on Tumblr telling me they don't like it compared to my other stuff, and I get it. It's different. Usually I write from Kurt's POV, and the fics are entirely Klaine-focused. This is ridiculously different, and it's even throwing me off.

Yet, I have this need to see it through, even though I may have absolutely no readers left by the time it's done. *SIGH*

Sorry. Didn't mean to vent.

Thank you for still reading!!! ♥ ♥ ♥
fara1903fara1903 on April 4th, 2012 - 02:56 pm
Really hope his parents make it to Sectionals!
Aelora: Glee - Blaine aching for Kurtaelora on April 5th, 2012 - 07:58 pm
Don't hold your breath!! :|
Batkonehatbatkonehat on April 4th, 2012 - 04:47 pm
So sweet to see Blaine just going about his life. I could read about him eating toast and watching tv and be happy I love him so much. Sue is hilarious as ever and Sebastian-- why do I sense you are setting up much hilarity down the line with these two? Glad we will be getting more frequent updates to this fic. I love everything you write.
Aelora: Glee - Blaine cute faceaelora on April 5th, 2012 - 07:57 pm
Awww! Thank you, sweetie! This fic is going to be the death of me. It means absolutely everything to me--I don't think people get how much I've put into it or how I can never stop thinking about it and planning it out. At the same time, I know it's actually a rather boring concept to about 99% of fandom, and an anon telling me they just couldn't get into it last night had me in tears for more than an hours.


But, as long as I get the occasional person happy with what they're reading, I'm good! :D And yes, there will be more Sebastian on down the line, I promise! ;)

♥ ♥ ♥
Kay: bjhandsladybugkay on April 7th, 2012 - 03:09 am
I just read this all in one go, and I couldn't comment along the way (the way I should have) because I had to keep reading. Thank goodness there will be more frequent updates, as I can't wait for more!

This is lovely and brilliant and wonderful and real. As much as I've always loved Kurt as a character, there was something about Blaine from the moment he appeared on the show. Barring the occasional misfire from the writing staff, he is an amazing and complicated character, and I feel like there is not enough credit given to Darren Criss for his extremely nuanced performance. Whatever they write for him, he layers at least five different things underneath, and I am fascinated by Blaine Anderson. So the idea of this fic being all about Blaine, all from Blaine's POV, and it being so long and intricate and detailed and smart and honest ... and I am running out of adjectives, here.

The point is, this fic makes me very happy. Yes, there is angst, and yes, I fear this reappearance of Sebastian as much as I fear this Kyle person, but I have faith that you will give Blaine and Kurt their well-deserved happy ending in the end. You are such a strong writer, and I love the way you handle these characters and render them real.

Looking forward to more...
Aelora: Klaine - transfer hug gifaelora on April 8th, 2012 - 05:41 am
You have absolutely no idea how much I needed this comment! I've been wavering the last couple of days between how much this fic means to me and being told by anons on Tumblr that it's not as good as my past stuff and I came very close to scrapping the whole thing. Except that I can't because it means that much to me, and the entire story from beginning to end is all in my head, and it's all I think about when my brain veers away from work and school and... so yeah. I cried when I this because of how much I need to hear it.

So thank you. Just, thank you. ♥ ♥ ♥

Also, I can assure you that Sebastian will not be an issue. He will actually be a good thing for Blaine, I think. Kyle... no promises there. ;) But yes, everything leads back to Klaine. Everything.

And thank you again. I wouldn't have just posted Chapter Twelve if not for you!