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19 April 2012 @ 11:16 am
Fic: Seasons May Change (Come What May) - Chpt Thirteen  
Title: Seasons May Change (Come What May) - Chapter Thirteen
Word Count (this chapter): 6,518
Rating (this chapter): NC-17
Author Notes: Apologies this wasn’t a week earlier--spent all of last week out visiting my parents, which always means little to no computer time. Also, I cheated a little here with Kurt and Rachel’s apartment building--that is to say, it is an apartment building but the apartments in it are rented out as hotel rooms. But who knows? Things could be different next year! ;) Anyway, the location was absolute perfection, and the apartments in the area matched the description, so go with it. Major thanks to regala_electra for all of her assistance on NYC.

Fic Master Post

Chapter Twelve

“So I guess the lesson here, Blaine, is sure you may not have to worry about anyone getting you pregnant, but there’s a whole lot of other reasons that make always using a condom a whole lot of sense.”

“Sweetheart, you need to stop. I think you’ve scared the poor boy into never having sex again.” Leroy reaches across Blaine to pat Hiram’s knee.

“Are you kidding?” Hiram snorts. “You have seen the way those two look at each other, right? They’re probably having more sex than you and I did our freshman year in college.”

Leroy sighs, and shakes his head, glancing out the window. Under his breath, he says, “They wish.”

“I need to--use the lavatory,” Blaine says quickly, unsnapping his seatbelt and glancing at Hiram hopefully. He has a desperate need to get out of the seat where he’s been trapped between the Berry’s for the last forty-five minutes, hearing far more about their sex life than he ever could have possibly concluded was necessary.

“We’ll be landing soon,” Hiram informs him, though he does, thankfully, get to his feet to let Blaine past.

“Yes, I know. The last way I want to greet Kurt is ‘hi, darling, I have to pee’,” he explains before scurrying off toward the back of the plane.

Blaine really does have to pee. That isn’t a lie, but it is an excuse. As much as he appreciates the Berrys being so open and frank with him about things he’d never really had the chance to talk to anyone other than Kurt about (and usually their conversations involve a lot of “Well, what do you think?” “I don’t know” “Maybe we should check the web--just for confirmation” “Okay, but I’m okay as long as you are” “Same”), there are some things he has never had an urge to discuss on a plane with one of his good friends’ parents. Blaine’s fairly certain the passengers around them have just received a forty-five minute education they’d never expected.

After using the toilet and washing his hands in the cramped bathroom, the occasional jolt forcing him to grab hold of something, Blaine wonders if he can just hide out in there until the plane lands. It probably isn’t the safest option but it beats the imagery of Hiram and Leroy’s first forray into Viagra.

Blaine wishes he didn’t have such an active imagination. Things like that are going to be hard to erase from his mind.

Taking a deep breath, Blaine unlocks the door and steps out, flashing a brief smile at the airline attendant, who instantly responds by holding up a small bag of pretzels. “Extra snack, honey?”

“Sure. Thanks.” Blaine takes it as he steps into the aisle, and glances toward the middle of the plane where he can see the heads of Hiram and Leroy. Only a few rows from where he is standing, Burt and Carole’s heads are bent together where they are quietly conversing over something in the Skymall magazine. Or rather, Carole seems to be conversing; Burt looks like he’s trying to keep from nodding off.

Making a quick decision, Blaine wanders over to their row, smiling as they both look up at them. “Hi. Ummm, Carole, would you mind swapping seats with me for the last few minutes? I have something I wanted to talk to Burt about.”

“Of course, sweetie,” Caroles says immediately, unsnapping her seatbelt and stepping out into the aisle to let Blaine take her seat. “I’ll just see you boys when we land.” She gives Blaine’s shoulder a squeeze before moving down the aisle toward his recently vacated seat.

Blaine heaves a relieved sigh and sinks down into the new seat, reaching to buckle his seatbelt just as the light flashes. He closes his eyes for a moment, enjoying the silence, until he feels the unmistakable sense of someone watching him. Reopening his eyes, Blaine glances over to find Burt staring at him.

“Well?” Burt asks when their eyes meet. “What’d you wanna to talk to me about?”

“Oh, I--” Blaine cuts himself off, face warming as he realizes what he just did was kind of, well, rude. “Nothing. I mean, the Berrys are great and all but they kept... well, let’s just say I received more of an education in the last forty-five minutes that a few years of the internet ever provided.” Blaine shifts uncomfortably in his seat, feeling like an awful person.

Burt barks out a laugh and pats Blaine’s knee. “Understood. Don’t worry about it. Carole’ll enjoy herself. Peanuts?” He holds up an extra bag.

“Uh, no, thanks. Just got one.” Blaine holds his own up and Burt nods.

They both turn their attention to opening the tiny packets of peanuts and eating them in silence as the plane begins its descent into New York City.


To: Kurt <333
Just landed. See you soon. <3

From: Kurt <333


After gathering their luggage in baggage claim, Blaine leans against a wall and pulls out his phone to find another text from Kurt:

From: Kurt <333 (1/2)
Tell the parents we’ll meet you guys in the lobby of the hotel. Just let us know when you get there. We’re only a block away. Then I’ll steal you away.

From: Kurt <333 (2/2)
How was your flight, btw?

To: Kurt <333
I sat between Rachel’s dads for most of it. I’ll have to tell you all the things I learned... we may never have sex again.

From: Kurt <333 (1/1)
O.o Keep it to yourself, then, and I’ll do my best to make you forget all about it tonight. ;)

To: Kurt <333
STOP. I’m still with your parents!!

“Is that Kurt?”

Blaine looks up as Carole joins him. He’s caught off-guard from answering her at first as she reaches out to brush a curl from his forehead. Carole does things like that a lot--little motherly-like gestures that unfortunately make Blaine blush and wonder what he did to deserve not only an amazing boyfriend but an amazing boyfriend with an amazing family.

“Uh, yeah. He said to text him when we get to the hotel, and they’ll meet us in the lobby.”

“Perfect.” She looks away at Rachel’s dads and Burt, who all seem to be talking at once. “They’re arguing over the best method of transportation. Burt’s trying to save a buck, of course, while Hiram and Leroy seem to think we should travel in style by hired car.”

Blaine isn’t entirely surprised by either stance. “Why don’t they just compromise and take a cab?”

Carole sighs, crossing her arms over her chest as she looks at him. “It’s called getting old, Blaine. Old men like to argue about such things,” she tells him, amusement in her gaze. “Just giving you fair warning for what you one day have to look forward to with Kurt.”

Blaine hopes not. He then realizes what she just said, and turns back to stare at her in wonder. His own parents never acknowledge that there’s a future for him and Kurt. The way Carole just said it made it seem so matter-of-fact. Blaine wants to hug her, and feels especially awful for lying to her about his reason for swapping seats on the plane.

They finally end up taking a cab, though they have to wait for one of the minivans to come open to fit them all, and Blaine tries to offer money for his own part of the fare but gets stared down so hard by the three dads that he actually almost shrinks back behind Carole. They look so angry at the mere offer though, Blaine is momentarily tempted to take it back.

He snags the seat beside Carole, and he’s pretty certain there’s almost an argument between Burt and Hiram for the front seat, before Rachel’s dad finally relents and climbs into the backseat beside his husband. Blaine grabs the seat closest to the window, just so he can sit and stare out through it during their trip to the hotel. He tries really, really hard not to press his nose and hands against the window, but everything they pass is so new and different and not-Ohio that it’s beyond difficult not to want to just crawl out through the window and begin exploring. There are just so many people, and so many things happening, and oh wow, he sees a guy almost get hit by a car as he tries to cross the street against the light, and then he flips off the car and begins chasing after it!

Blaine gapes.

“Excited?” Carole leans over with him, peering out at the row of souvenir shops they pass.

“Am I that obvious?” Blaine turns his head just a little to look at her, offering a sheepish smile.

“Oh, not really,” she says, bringing a hand up to rub at his shoulder. “That is, of course, if you don’t count gasping and squealing as excitement.”

Blaine rolls his eyes and smiles at her teasing before turning to look back out the window, and okay, maybe he squeals just a little bit when he realizes they’re driving past Times Square. Only a little bit, though.

Kurt and Rachel live in an apartment in Hell’s Kitchen, in what Kurt describes as “the most nondescript building ever” at 49th and 8th. Conveniently, there’s a Hilton Garden Inn just around the corner where the parents can stay, and while Burt may have spent the majority of five minutes giving Blaine one of those looks that clearly said I know damn well you and Kurt aren’t just going to be sleeping in that bed of his, and while I’d prefer to never know the specifics, I don’t know what gives you the right to debauche my innocent child, there was never a question of Blaine not staying at the apartment with Kurt and Rachel over the holiday. Blaine sends a quick text off to Kurt to let him know they’ve arrived as the cab pulls up to the curb, and immediately begins scanning the area as he climbs out, wondering which direction Kurt will be coming from.

The longest twenty minutes ever pass, and Blaine paces around the pile of luggage while the adults get checked in. He tells himself not to text Kurt and ask him how much longer because that’s nagging, and the last thing he wants to be known as is the nagging boyfriend, so he shoves his hands in his pockets and quietly debates the merits of patience. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take him long to come to the conclusion that there are no merits to patience, and really, he thinks, whoever possibly thought there could be, as he glances up to see two familiar faces entering the hotel.

Blaine’s breath catches in his throat. Did Kurt look like that when they saw each other last month? Blaine thinks back and realizes that yes, he did see a glimpse of the confident, self-assured young man making his way across the lobby in pants that are probably tight enough to be illegal in some countries, and the most amazing asymmetrical dark grey overcoat Blaine’s ever seen. In fact, he thinks he might have to steal it before he heads back to Ohio.

Oddly enough, Blaine is not certain what the proper protocol is for moments like this. He kind of wants to run across the lobby and launch himself into his boyfriend’s arms--it doesn’t matter that they just saw one another last month. This is different. This is New York. Their future home together, and they’re both here right now.

Blaine feels someone knock into his shoulder from behind, and he looks back to see Burt standing there, giving him an expression he can only describe as fond annoyance. “Go on, kid. Geez, you look like you’re gonna have a seizure if you stand here much longer.”

It doesn't take anymore prodding than that. Blaine think he should feel ridiculous as he races toward Kurt--they just saw one another last month, after all. Besides, it's not as if Kurt's arms aren't open the moment Blaine reaches him, and Kurt lifts him slightly off the ground he's holding Blaine so tight.

“I can’t believe you’re actually here,” Kurt breathes into his neck for a moment as Blaine continues to cling to him. “You’re--we’re here!”

“Yes,” is all Blaine can think of to say before he reluctantly pulls back just a bit to look at Kurt; to gaze into his beautiful eyes and return the smile that’s brightening everything around him.

“There’s my Sectionals star!” Rachel exclaims, interrupting the moment as she pushes herself between them to throw her arms around Blaine’s neck and give him a hug. “While ‘One Night in Bangkok’ doesn’t exactly challenge one’s vocal range, your performance of it was spectacular, and very Broadway-worthy!” she declares as she pulls back to look at up at him. “All of NYADA agrees!”

Blaine glances over her shoulder at Kurt in confusion.

“Oh, Rachel and I may have emailed... er, the entire student body and administration the video of New Directions’ winning performance at Sectionals.”

“You didn’t...”

“We wanted to show off our roots! Is that so wrong?” Rachel asks before turning away to throw herself into her fathers arms.

Greetings and hugs are exchanged all around before plans are made to meet up in an hour at the apartment so they could all head out to dinner together. Kurt and Rachel provide the very simple directions to their building down the street, and then Kurt grabs his hand while Rachel picks up his overnight case.

“Ready to see your future home?” Kurt asks softly with a smile as he leads him out of the hotel doors.


Kurt and Rachel are not lying when they say their building is just around the corner. It is literally a walk to the end of the block, across the street and then down two buildings on 49th. On the way, they point out a grocer on the same side of the street as the hotel, and right across from their building is a pastry shop called Donna Bell’s Bakeshop. Conveniently, there’s a subway station just steps from their doorway, but like Kurt had initially warned, the building is rather nondescript, narrow and easily missed if not looked for.

They’re on the third floor, and there is no elevator, and the staircase is narrow with high steps. Blaine is a little amused as he watches Rachel navigate her way up each step ahead of them, while behind him Kurt laments the trouble they had getting their furniture up to their apartment, to say nothing of Kurt’s boxes of clothing. Apparently, Hiram and Leroy, who had helped them move in, ended up paying two random guys off the street to give them some assistance.

"Welcome to our happy little hovel," Rachel exclaims as she unlocks and opens the door. "Our first step on the way to much bigger and better things!" she adds as she drops Blaine's backpack unceremoniously to the floor.

Blaine reaches down to pick it up, shifting it beneath the arm he's carrying his luggage with as Kurt mutters behind him, closing the door.

“Okay, so, the tour isn’t going to take very long,” Kurt says with a little laugh, and it takes all of Blaine’s will not to just grab his face and kiss him for the next four days. “That, as you can see is the kitchen--tiny, but it works--and this is the living room. I kind of fell in love with the little open window between them. Isn’t it perfect?”

Blaine tears his eyes away from Kurt just long enough to notice the oddly shaped cut in the wall between the kitchen and the living room. It’s decorated around the outside with Broadway signs and stars, and Kurt and Rachel’s names written out in script and bright glitter on either side. The majority of the apartment is a stark white--the walls, the carpet and tile--and Kurt and Rachel have decorated in dramatic colors. Black pillows and a dark red throw on a white couch, splashes of gold here and there, heavy curtains that match the throw, an antique red and gold lamp set against a very modern black table. Blaine is surprised at the lack of pink, those he’s fairly certain Kurt confined that to Rachel’s room.

“This spot here is empty,” Kurt says, moving over to the wall and placing his hand over the empty spot beside his name, as if reading Blaine’s mind. “We’re saving it for when you get here. Then you’ll be up here, too.”

The simple gesture leaves Blaine momentarily speechless. He swallows against the ache in his throat as he offers Kurt a watery smile. "That's... thank you, Kurt. I can't wait to be up there with you--"

"I'll make your name for you," Rachel interrupts as she breezes through the room and into the narrow hallway. "That way there won't be any mistakes... like a bigger font than mine."

"Go to your room, Rachel," Kurt tells her, smiling a little as he moves over to take Blaine's free hand. "Come on. Let's put your things away."

Blaine continues his perusal of the apartment as Kurt leads him into the hallway and to the door at the end. Rachel disappears through one on his right with a giant gold star and her name on the door. He laughs softly and shakes his head before stepping in to Kurt’s room. The color here is a little more muted than the theatricality of the front room and kitchen. Various shades of brown stand out against the white--the bed clothes and pillows, curtains and wall hangings--with just a splash of a russet red here and there. The entire look is a little less modern than what Blaine would have expected out of Kurt, but then, both of them had been known to take on inspiration from the other over the last couple of years.

“I made a little space in the closet here for you to hang some things if you want?” Kurt says, breaking Blaine from his thoughts as he opens the closet doors and shows the small space at the end.

Blaine peers into it as he sets his luggage down, noting that the basic structure of the closet is expanded through the use of various racks and cubby holes that extend up to the ceiling--obvious additions by Kurt to fit all of his clothing and shoes. “That was very thoughtful of you,” Blaine replies, grinning as Kurt slaps his shoulder playfully.

“Like I’m going to have you walking around New York all rumpled.” Kurt’s hand moves from his shoulder to his bow tie, straightening it slightly as he flashes Blaine a little smile.

“I can think of far better ways to get rumpled than leaving my clothes in the suitcase,” Blaine says with a grin as he wraps an arm around Kurt’s waist and pulls him close, pressing his face into his neck and nuzzling his nose there. “Far more fun, too.”

“And here I thought you were swearing off sex thanks to the Berrys?”

Blaine visibly shudders, causing Kurt to giggle. “Can you just not mention that again? Ever?”

“Was it really that bad?”

“Scarred. For. Life,” Blaine replies before lifting his head back up to grin at Kurt. “I mean, it was nice to be able to talk with them about... that but not, you know, on a plane, surrounded by passengers. And not in quite so much... detail. Hiram likes detail. You wouldn’t have made it. You would have walked off that plane as red as those curtains in the front room. Possibly for life.”

Kurt’s eyes widen, his hands settling over Blaine’s hips. “You--you don’t think they’ll talk about that stuff at dinner, do you?”

Blaine glances over his shoulder toward the door to check that they’re still alone before turning back to Kurt. “With Rachel there? Everyone will be lucky to get a word in edgewise.”


Kurt laughs before throwing his arms around Blaine and hugging him tightly. He presses a kiss to Blaine’s ear and rubs their cheeks together a moment. Blaine feels a shiver move through him at the slide of barely-there stubble against each other. They just stand there clinging to one another for the next few moments, hands exploring over shoulders and backs and waists, and Blaine breathes a sigh of contentment.

“I’m so glad you’re here,” Kurt murmurs into his ear. “One day soon, this room will be ours.”

Blaine’s arms tighten around Kurt briefly with his words, and then he smiles and cannot help but tease, “And I suppose the hallway will be my closet?”

“Ass!” Kurt slaps his shoulder, laughing as he leans back in Blaine’s arms, fingers pinching his side until Blaine squeaks. “We will have plenty of room for both of our wardrobes... we’ll just probably have to box things up according to seasons. Also, another dresser can fit in the corner right over there by the window. I promise. I have it all worked out.”

“I’m sure you do,” Blaine whispers, leaning up to press their lips together in a light kiss. When he moves to pull back, Kurt doesn’t let him; pulls him closer instead, deepening the kiss until Blaine is whimpering into his mouth softly.

“Knock, knock!” Rachel calls out cheerfully as she steps into the room, as opposed to actually knocking. Blaine and Kurt pull apart, leveling equal expressions of annoyance at her. “Not to interrupt the happy reunion but our parents are on their way over--time to head to dinner. Thought I’d warn you in case you wanted to freshen up or anything.”

Blaine gives one last brief hug to Kurt before pulling away as Kurt asks Rachel, “What, exactly, will it take to make certain this is the very last time you’ll enter my room without knocking?”

“Oh, Kurt,” Rachel chides as she reaches out for Blaine’s arm, grasping it between her own as she gives Blaine a little wink. “You do take all of the fun out of being roomies!”


Dinner had been chaos. They’d gone to Da Marino, an Italian place on 49th that Rachel had agreed to because they offered a few dishes of pasta with vegetables, and were considered vegan-friendly. Blaine had never been one to turn down good Italian, and ended up splitting a few plates of antipasto with Burt and Leroy, including calamari and mussels. The two hours spent around the table had been loud and boisterous, and a lot of what Blaine imagined the perfect dinner out between families should be. He and Kurt had sat with their chairs close together, holding hands on occasion, leaning over to whisper into one another’s ears, sharing food off of their plates. It had been perfect, in Blaine’s opinion, and not once had anyone even glanced their way.

By the end of dinner, the Berrys had spied a piano near the bar, and with absolutely no further prodding, Rachel and Blaine had followed them over to the instrument, providing an impromptu performance of “Give My Regards to Broadway” for the diners. With the Berry dads at the piano, Rachel and Blaine let loose with every bit of eager enthusiasm for showmanship they both possessed, and at the end, as they took their bows over the rousing sound of applause, Blaine glanced toward the table to see Kurt muffling his tears of laughter behind his napkin.

Back at the apartment, stomachs full and eyelids heavy, things are far more quiet. They left the parents at the hotel, and Rachel bid them both goodnight the moment they stepped in the door, claiming a future Broadway star needs her beauty sleep. Besides, they all know they have a crazy day ahead tomorrow, what with Carole and Hiram insisting on cooking a homemade Thanksgiving dinner in the tiny apartment. Kurt has spent most of the evening muttering to himself about eating a tofurkey on the floor.

After changing into their pajamas and locking the door to Kurt’s room (“I fully expect her to come barging in here at precisely the wrong time,” he’d explained), Kurt insists that Blaine lay on his stomach so that he can give him a back massage, rationalizing that carrying his luggage around all day couldn’t have been good for his shoulder. Blaine certainly isn’t about to argue the case, stretching out on his tummy above the covers and cradling his head on his arms. He feels the bed dip, and then the weight of Kurt straddling his hips settles over him, and Blaine smiles at the feel of it, even before Kurt’s fingertips are pressing into his shoulder blades.

“Let me know if I’m pressing too hard, especially over your shoulder.”

“Mpfff,” Blaine mumbles, eyes drifting closed as Kurt’s palms push together against his spine.

“Was that English?” He can hear the smile in Kurt’s voice. “I’ll take that as an acknowledgement of some kind. How you go from belting out “Give My Regards to Broadway” to speaking caveman in an hour is beyond me.”

“‘m multi-talented.”

“Uh huh.” Kurt’s hands slip up around his neck, kneading into the skin there as Blaine hums his approval. “Just promise me that the two of you breaking into song in public places isn’t going to become a thing next year.”

“You loved it.”

“Hmmm. You’re lucky you’re cute. Rachel only got away with it because her dads were up there with her.” He pauses, hands moving over to Blaine’s right shoulder. “My dad suggested paying the bill and sneaking out, but Carole wouldn’t let us.”

Blaine twists his neck to glance at Kurt behind him. “You wouldn’t have.”

Kurt seems to contemplate this a moment, focusing on Blaine’s back as he considers. “It was tempting, honey. Specifically around the time you did that running slide thing on the bar. That one old man almost lost his martini.”

“He saw me coming.”

Kurt giggles, the touch of his fingers changing to the tracing of various designs over Blaine’s back. “We’re going to have to get you a warning sign to hang around your neck--Spontaneously Burst into Song and Dance! Play Music at Your Own Peril!”

“And Do Not Feed After Midnight,” Blaine adds.

“Dork.” Kurt flicks the back of his head before laying down against him, and wrapping his arms around the front of his shoulders. He presses a kiss to Blaine neck before nuzzling his nose against his cheek. “Have I mentioned how glad I am that you’re here with me?”

“You might have hinted at something along those lines,” Blaine murmurs, twisting his head just enough to brush their lips together briefly. “I like hearing it, though.” He brings a hand up to touch Kurt’s cheek, smiling when Kurt moves into it, cradling his cheek against Blaine’s palm. He raises an eyebrow, asking, “Didn’t you say something about helping me to forget that TMI discussion on the plane?”

Kurt snorts, rolling his eyes. “If you think that kind of comment is any sort of inspiration--ahhh!” He breaks off, squealing in surprise as Blaine twists, snaking an arm around his waist and rolling him onto his back, quickly pinning him there. “Blaine Ewan Anderson, what are you doing?”

Blaine grins down into his boyfriend’s face. “Finding my own inspiration. I mean, if you’re not going to supply it?” He straddles Kurt’s hips, wiggling slightly, a wicked grin crossing his face as Kurt moans in response, arching up against him. Reaching out, Blaine plucks disdainfully at Kurt’s pajama top. “You’re wearing entirely too many clothes, babe.”

“It’s cold outside,” Kurt defends before smiling at Blaine sweetly. “Just think of me as a present and unwrap me. You like getting gifts!”

“Is that so?” Blaine asks, slipping his hand beneath Kurt’s pajama top to slide over his skin. “Well, let’s see. How do I do this? Oh, yes--” HIs fingers immediately skim over the sides of Kurt’s waist, tickling him mercilessly as his boyfriend squeals with laughter, writhing beneath him.

“Blaine! Stop!! Oh my god, seriously! I am going to kill you! Ahhh! Shit! Blaine--I’m gonna pee! Seriously, stop it!” Kurt slaps at Blaine’s hands and arms, legs kicking furiously in an attempt to dislodge Blaine from his hips. “Ahhhhh!! You are in so much trouble, mister!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Kurt and Blaine freeze simultaneously at the unmistakable sound of the pounding, glancing toward the wall connecting his room to Rachel’s.

“Beauty sleep!” they hear her yell.

“Put in some earplugs!” Kurt yells back.

“Have some courtesy!” comes her response.

“I can tell living with the two of you is going to be a whole lotta fun,” Blaine whispers, bending forward to drop his head into the middle of Kurt’s chest.

“If she becomes too much of a trouble, we can just kill her and dump her body out with the rest of the trash,” Kurt muses in a not-whisper.

“I heard that!” Rachel replies.

“Can you hear this?” Kurt holds up his middle finger, flashing it at the wall, which only succeeds in sending Blaine into a fit of giggles.

Silence and then, “What? No--what’re you--Blaine, what is he doing?”

“Goodnight, Rachel,” Blaine calls out, poking his boyfriend in the side. “And you, stop provoking her. You know she’s going to be extra needy tomorrow without Finn here.”

“Obviously. She was already sighing quite loudly more than once tonight,” Kurt murmurs, fingers tugging curls loose from the pomade in Blaine’s hair. “We can set up the karaoke machine tomorrow and let her sing out her sorrows.”

Blaine lifts his head. “You have a karaoke machine with you?!”

“What do you think?” Kurt taps the tip of Blaine’s nose with his finger. “And by the way, mister, don’t think I’m not still mad. You know I hate being tickled.”

“But,” Blaine begins, settling his hands on either side of Kurt’s and pushing himself down Kurt’s body slowly, straddling his thighs as he brings one hand up to press his shirt up over his belly, “what if I had every intention of making it up to you?” He bends his head to kiss the flat plane of Kurt’s stomach. “Would you still be mad?”

“Well, I, oh--” Kurt squirms as Blaine traces his tongue around his belly button, fingers hooking over the waistband of his pajama bottoms, and slowly beginning to tug them down his hips. Kurt lifts up slightly, giving him a little assistance even as his hands move to slide his fingers through Blaine’s hair. “I think that maybe--” Blaine trails his tongue along his abdomen “--my anger is waning...”

Blaine nudges his nose along the crease of his hip, turning his head to watch as Kurt’s cock springs free, bobbing up against his belly. “Hmmm. Someone went commando,” he murmurs as he slides Kurt’s pajamas off of his legs, tossing them to the floor.

“Well, you know,” Kurt responds, a little breathless as Blaine moves back and presses his nose into the wiry hairs at the base of his cock, mouthing over the soft skin of his groin, “there’s a time and place for layers.”

“Amen to that.”

“Have you just found Jesus?”

Blaine drags his lips up along the length, “As a matter of fact...”

Kurt’s responding giggle ends in a gasp as Blaine flattens his tongue over the head of his cock, and he feels Kurt’s fingers returning to his hair, curling into the strands, pulling just a bit in need as Blaine’s wraps his hand around him. Bringing Kurt’s dick closer to him, Blaine slides his tongue around the head in lazy, slow circles, re-familiarizing himself with the shape and taste and scent, and each little action that draws the strongest reaction from Kurt. He tongues at the slit a moment, gathering a drop of precome onto his tongue and holding it in his mouth, savoring it before slipping his mouth around the head, and sucking. He hums at the welcomed taste, the familiarity, so many things that he loves about everything he and Kurt share together.

Blow jobs are one of those things Blaine never thought he’d love as much as he did--the giving of, that is; he had always been fairly certain he’d enjoy receiving them. The first time they’d tried it--a little experimentation the second time they had let their clothes come all the way off--had been mostly a disaster. Not that they hadn’t enjoyed themselves, as there had been a lot of laughter, but Blaine had discovered that come in the eye didn’t feel all that great, and watching your boyfriend dissolve into a choking fit over your dick wasn’t all that much of a turn-on. Luckily, they’ve both gotten a lot better at it.

And Blaine loves giving Kurt blow jobs. He loves knowing he can reduce him to a boneless puddle with just his mouth, loves the way Kurt’s fingers tangle into his hair, and how he ever-so-slowly loses control enough to begin thrusting his hips. Even now with his mouth over the head, sucking shallowly, he feels Kurt press upward slightly, a low moan issuing from his throat, his fingers tugging in an obvious request for more. Blaine doesn’t give in immediately, though; spends his time flicking the tip of his tongue over the slit, back and forth, tasting more of Kurt with each stroke.

“Blaaaaaiiiiiinnnne,” Kurt whines, and he gives Blaine’s hair an almost painful pull.

Blaine pulls his mouth away, tongue slipping out to lap a slow line down Kurt’s cock. “Impatient much?”

“You’re such a goddamn tease.” Kurt writhes beneath him before lifting his head to glare at Blaine.

“I’m taking my time to... smell the roses,” Blaine murmurs before mouthing at the base.

“You can smell all the damn roses you want after I come!”

Laughing softly at his boyfriend, Blaine licks his way back up his dick, tongue once more circling slowly over the head before wrapping his lips around him. Kurt thrusts upward almost instantly, and Blaine’s ready for it, breathing out his nose as he hollows his cheeks, glancing up beneath his lashes to watch as Kurt cranes his head back against the pillow.

God, Blaine, your mouth,” Kurt gasps, and Blaine thinks it’s pretty much the best compliment ever at the moment as he rubs his tongue along the underside as Kurt continues to slowly press his up into Blaine’s mouth.

Pulling his free hand away from where it rests against Kurt’s thigh, Blaine cups his balls, rolling them between his fingers as his other hand squeezes at the base, sliding upward with the movement of his mouth. Blaine’s gag reflex is a tad bit sensitive, one of those unfortunate things they discovered during their first foray into the world of oral sex , which is why Kurt always tends to control the thrust of his hips, and Blaine has become particularly skilled with his tongue. Or at least, he thinks he is; Kurt certainly seems to enjoy it, though neither of them really have any sort of basis for comparison.

Returning his attention to the head, Blaine smiles around it as Kurt babbles slightly, saying things like “more”, and “yes”, and “just like that”, Blaine’s name punctuated every few moments. He continues to breathe through his nose, hand tightening around the base as he slides his mouth down further once more, as much as he can. The hand cupping Kurt’s balls slips back further, pressing between his thighs, fingers dragging along the perineum and up toward the puckered skin, where they circle and tease.

Drawing in another breath through his nose, Blaine’s eyes close once more as he swallows around Kurt’s cock, tongue sliding repeatedly over the thick vein along the underside as Kurt gasps in response. Blaine doesn’t think it will matter how many blow jobs he has the chance to give Kurt, he will love every moment of them. Love the taste of him, and the feel of him, heavy and warm in his mouth. If he can spend the rest of his life pleasuring Kurt in every way possible, he knows he will be more than glad to do so.

“Oh,fuck,” Kurt gasps, thrusting forward again, the head of his cock brushing up against the roof of Blaine’s mouth. It’s a victory to get Kurt to curse—he doesn’t do it often, thinks it crass--except in moments like this, when he loses that little measure of control. Blaine hums a little in encouragement, which draws an immediate reaction from Kurt, “more,” he pleads, hands tightening their grip in Blaine’s hair as he begins to thrust more urgently.

Unnhnn!” Kurt cries out, stiffening just a moment before his body shudders, and then he’s coming over Blaine’s tongue and down his throat, and he swallows as much as he can, hand still sliding along the length, fingers still teasing beneath him.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Blaine doesn’t bother pulling off of Kurt as they hear Rachel yell, “Oh my god! You guys are louder than my dads! I am trying to sleep!”

Kurt’s body is still shuddering, and as Blaine slowly pulls away, continuing to lick small swipes at his dick with his tongue, he notices that Kurt has covered his face with his hands and is actually laughing. Raising an eyebrow, Blaine rests his chin against Kurt’s hip, a slow smirk appearing as he watches his boyfriend attempt--rather unsuccessfully--to hold in his laughter.

“I’m not entirely certain that was the reaction I was going for,” Blaine muses, bending his head to press a kiss to the crease along Kurt’s hip before shifting to move up along his body, resting on his side next to him.

“Sorry,” Kurt murmurs, still giggling as he pulls his hands away and reaches for Blaine, kissing him, humming in approval as Blaine sweeps his tongue into Kurt’s mouth. Kurt tangles their tongues together, sucking over Blaine’s for a long moment before finally letting go. When they pull apart, he’s beaming up at Blaine, eyes bright. “You know we’re going to get to deal with that for years.”

“We’ll just buy her earplugs for her birthday every year,” Blaine says with a shrug. “She’ll catch on eventually.”

Kurt shakes his head and sighs, still smiling. “I love you.” He lifts up, pressing Blaine onto his back, one hand sliding down his stomach to slip beneath the waistband of his pajamas. Blaine sucks in a sharp breath as he feels Kurt’s fingers wrap around his cock. “Care to see if we can get Rachel to cuss us out this time around?”

Blaine laughs, knowing it isn’t much of a challenge.

After all, he is the most vocal between them.

~Chapter Fourteen - Coming Soon

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