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Aelora's Space

Like Mary, I think I'm gonna make it after all.

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3 July 1972
Space: The Final Frontier
What you should know about Aelora from some of those who know her best:

*glithander: "Before her career as a Maritime Radio Operator, Aelora trained chimpanzees. She also used to compete in equestrian events.

...I'll let y'all decide which one of those things are true."

*moonlitpines: "She fucked Michael Rosenbaum in Vegas, drank all his booze, smoked all his cigarettes, and told him to die in a fire via text message, and thus...

She totally turned him gay.

Example #1
Example #2
Example #3

Trufax, Merlin people. I knew this cruel bitch, back in the day."

*ishie: "Aelora was created in an accident at a top-secret Hollywood laboratory as a crack team of marketing professionals attempted to unlock the secrets of the Next Big Thing phenomenon. As a result, she has an almost preternatural ability to predict these elusive Next Big Things, as well as an insatiable appetite for picspams."

And from aelora herself...

Five of the following ten items about me are true. Five are not. You can decide which is which:

1. I was born in Hawaii.
2. I had dinner with Michael and Eric Rosenbaum, and Michael prepared my wasabi for me.
3. I am terrified of wide open spaces and rodents.
4. I can chart maps of battleground positions at Gettysburg.
5. My real hair color is blonde.
6. Popular Star Wars author Kevin J Anderson once kissed my feet.
7. I can't cook to save my life.
8. I've been a lady in the court, sister to the captain of the guard, sister to a pirate, betrothed to King James I and pretty damn good with a broadsword.
9. I got married in Disney World - Mickey and Minnie even came to the reception.
10. I love children.


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